Turtle Soup & Black Bird Pie

November 22, 2016

So 9-2.  It's good to be 9-2.  It's not good to be 5-6, it's not good to lose Kansas in OT, you need to be Strong to get through that.  Too bad for them.  

Master Splinter should of have trained his boys harder.  We were like Shredder eating turtle soup and high fiving our brainy friend...

Next up?  Ferentz and his slow white guys with one good corner back who's mom is on food stamps.  It's true...look it up.  God we hate Iowa.  We can't agree on who's going to start at QB...just know that we'll collective complain about it next week when our preferred guy doesn't start.

If Darlington starts I need everyone to understand that he's one hit away from marbles being his favorite game.  He's one hit away from setting the world record for inadvertantly killing goldfish, that are always named 'Fluffy', due to not feeding them.  The only bad part is that he doesn't even know he's killing them because his caregiver always replaces it before he realizes what's happened.  He'll enjoy eating his own boogers and will prefer his mayo warm. He'll be the third clone off of Multiplicity. 


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