Gopher Shower and Twerpin’ to Pay the Bills!

November 15, 2016

A lot about the Gophers.  A lot about Bruce Read.  A lot about play calling and defense or lack thereof.  A little twerp about the terrapins.  They're a turtle...line your tire up and hit the gas!

They tortoise.  We the hare. long as TA is healthy.  If Ryker starts - we're like a fast reptile or slow mammal.  I.e. shit isn't going our way. 


Not a Ringer, more of a Leaner. Gopher-holin’ time.

November 8, 2016

Consistent things became inconsistent and Tommy got sleepy in the third quarter.  Nothing we said last week was accurate, but that's why we do this because we can say what we want without being accountable for what we say.  We're 7-2…are we on schedule?  Ahead of schedule?  You decide.


Hit The Lucky Whore———-Shoe

November 5, 2016

Uh first...we winnin'.  Second...enjoy the first game day podcast, cause it's awesome...or at least it was for us.  Audio should be at an all time high...we fixed some stuff.  If you're a Husker fan you listen to this and you enjoy this and you be this. Huskers deserve this game and we deserve this win.  Laugh at what you laugh at, furrow your brow and what you want to furrow at.  NU wins t(hat)OSU loses.  Hope you wagered correctly....


Whiskey Bent and Whore-Shoe Bound

October 31, 2016

Technical stuff is technical.  We're working on things.  Forgive the lack of music...and, well, the echo.

Stick with us.  We're tweaking things and trying to improve things.  Comment, follow, do what you do.  We appreciate the listens.

Also we lost, so Mike was sad.  He's a bitch.  We're going to tweak some things going into this week because you know, Ohio State and we need to stay fresh.  Enjoy - or at least try.

Road From Purdidn’t

October 25, 2016

6 and 0 - Hoosier Daddy

October 17, 2016

Yep We Did It

October 10, 2016

This is our first attempt at a Podcast we don't really care what you think but feel free to leave a comment we will reply, I know it starts slow but keep listening it gets much better ENJOY