Season 2 Bitches

August 17, 2017

Lots of things.  Some think we'll be good, some think that we'll be not so good.  Everyone thinks, no matter the record, that Tanner Lee is the real deal.  Gawd...I hope so.  O-line, Running Backs, the 3-4...we covered all of it.  We really hope you enjoy the podcast.  We honestly mean no harm with anything that we say and if you can't laugh at it, please don't listen to it.


Last Hoorah

April 25, 2017

Welp, this is our fiscal year folks and it's been something.  We're hoping to add some things heading into next football season and we're also hoping to get give-a-ways out quiker as well.

Lot's of things were discussed.  The moon landing and a war with North Korea being a portion of it.

We'd like to thank everyone who's followed us, unfollowed us, commented both postively and negatively, shared it and loudly told us why they wouldn't share it...all of you contributed to what we have and we'll continue to add to it, build it, and hopefully continue to have something that you want to listen to.

Thanks for the support and lack thereof, because of all of you this thing is what it is. 


Springs a coming

March 17, 2017

We are Back.... minus Mike and Tyler, But Casey and Shawn take over with speacial guest Nat! We decided fake news tells us the Husker Spring practice is going awesome!! Lots of randomness in this podcast. Why? Because it's March! Listen, grab a beer, grab a chair and listen to this shit!!


Super Bowl Marathon

February 8, 2017

Folks, it's long.  We figured out the points system for weight watchers.  There was superbowl talk, some recruiting talk, and how many points a mixed drink will cost you if you're trying to lose some el bees.  If you've had some issues with us in the past you probably got called out by name.  We've officially crossed over to the point of not caring where this is shared and who likes it.  We're doing it because we like it.  Oh, also...flintstone's only offensive if you laugh.  If you don't laugh you shouldn't have listen that far.



January 14, 2017

Mike Riley manages a coaching staff like a guy starting a brush fire.  He gives zero fucks, he wants to win and he doesn't care if people have to cross bridges, because he's burning all of them down.  Hughs, he gone. Read, he gone. Banker, he gone.  Stewart, he gone.  Now its the Diaco show and he better earn his 800,000.00 or 900,000.00 or 1,000,000.00 or 1,100,000.00, or 1,125,000.00 or whatever the hell he's making, salary.  



We Know People

December 28, 2016

I mean like people close to the program.  News flash...we're winning this game even if it means Tommy hopping around on one good leg.  Or, uh, at least two of us think we're winning this game.  Everybody's hurt, everybody's suspended, fuck.  

Things are winding down.  The talk ranged from Goldeneye to Rogue one to Betting vs. Loyalty.  I hope you enjoy it.  We might be doing one next week or it might not be until after the National Championship game.  


Fourth & TOO Long

December 13, 2016

This one is long folks.  A little basketball, a little volleyball, a little what if.  Is Mike Riley really THAT nice?  He probably has bodies in his basement.  Harbaugh is exhausting and Meyer doesn't believe in Santa.



Penn State Gets Shafted Out Of Foursome

December 7, 2016

Penn St doesn't understand why they aren't there, only people who understand get it. Ohio State laughing from a distance, Urban Meyer's fucking smirk at full bloom. They should just give Bama the trophy and shove it down Urban's throat. Fuck that guy. Let's go whoop up at Tennesee and finish the year strong. GBR



November 30, 2016

A loss to Iowa feels a little dirty.... It actually feels extremely dirty. Was it a player issue, or was it a coaching issue? Mike Riley says it was a coaching issue. Finally! Read is gone, and we don't have to bring it up again!! There is a lot of good things, and a lot of bad things...LOL! Thanks to Nate and T'Bird for joing the podcast today. Hope to have Mike and Tyler back next week!  


Turtle Soup & Black Bird Pie

November 22, 2016

So 9-2.  It's good to be 9-2.  It's not good to be 5-6, it's not good to lose Kansas in OT, you need to be Strong to get through that.  Too bad for them.  

Master Splinter should of have trained his boys harder.  We were like Shredder eating turtle soup and high fiving our brainy friend...

Next up?  Ferentz and his slow white guys with one good corner back who's mom is on food stamps.  It's true...look it up.  God we hate Iowa.  We can't agree on who's going to start at QB...just know that we'll collective complain about it next week when our preferred guy doesn't start.

If Darlington starts I need everyone to understand that he's one hit away from marbles being his favorite game.  He's one hit away from setting the world record for inadvertantly killing goldfish, that are always named 'Fluffy', due to not feeding them.  The only bad part is that he doesn't even know he's killing them because his caregiver always replaces it before he realizes what's happened.  He'll enjoy eating his own boogers and will prefer his mayo warm. He'll be the third clone off of Multiplicity.