We have a 15 year old they’ve had 15 year olds…

November 16, 2017

A million to twenty one.  That's the score next week. It is. Shut up. It is. Barkley has enough yardage to make it to the moon and back and James Franklin gets his first Heisman winner...This awful shit show last adventure finally ends.  It's like Lost City of Z (super rando reference kudos to you and your netflix addiction if you know what it is) but it's so much worse because Charlie never got beat by 33 to Minnesota.  

Hang with this 'cast, hang with this season, it will - somehow - get better.  GBFR.


Deliver Us From Diaco

November 9, 2017

First and foremost, foremost and first, you're all beautiful people.  I mean what's that mean, it means what it means and, you know, whatever that means.  The team is good, but how does a good team win great games and how does a great team win wonderful games, you have to be a wonderful team.  If you're not then you're just average, but I think we can be wonderful.

Ugh...it's exhausting just attempting to even type like he'd talk.  Changes are'uh comin'.  How much or how many...who knows, but Bobby D is covering his A like an MFer.



November 2, 2017

Well, we knocked Purdue in the boilmaker and just barely came out on top. Wildcat weekend.... Can we win it... Yes we caaaaa... We maybe can. Who knows??? What team is going to show up?? Coaching Changes??? A lot of Frost talk, and some maybe possiblities. Grab a 12 pack and a bucket of chicken, listen and enjoy.


*Sigh* Who Cares?

October 26, 2017

It's year three and we're rebuilding.  Meanwhile it's year three in Miami.  It's year three in Georgia.  It's year three in Washington (or at least last year was).  But we're REBUILDING?  Is next year going to be better?  It will be, but it will be because we've moved on from an experiment, we're done playing money ball.  Billy Bean has left the fucking building.

Also it's TWOLANE not TUHLANE.  Pfff.


Buck Eye, Buck You, Buck Us

October 19, 2017

Welp, what did you expect?  I mean Mike Riley is only a single man.  I mean he's only a single man, that doesn't like talking to his coaches.  I mean he's only a single man that doesn't like talking to his coaches and arguing with refs.  I mean he's only a single man that doesn't like talking to his coaches, arguing with refs, or starting players that should start.  You get the goddamn point, it's not going his way and instead of showing a piece of gum who's boss and throwing his hat at refs he searches for a safe space and might be completely terified of his defensive coordinator.  Frost or Bust. 


It’s a lonely day…

October 12, 2017

Stand up, get off that knee and let's figure this goddamn thing out.  Okay, okay...maybe not this week.  We'll wait till next week when we can win convincingly after recovering from the latest pick six.  

Are there three more wins anywhere?  Depends on if Fitz if Fitzing and boilers are boiling and people are rowing...we shoud hope not.  We can also hope that Kirk decides that he's not making enough per win and throws the last part of the season.


Stop Badgering Us

October 5, 2017

Well some of us think we are going to lose, some think we will win. The point is it will hopefully be a great game, they dont have Cichy, the guy with a million tackles. Lets just go in and get this done. GBR!!!


I’m getting ILL with all this NOISE

September 28, 2017

A Win is a Win, and now we move on to Illinois. We had some changes in staffing (The Devil is Gone!) for better or worse? Who knows!! We were missing 2 pillars of the show, but we found out the other 3 can still find sh$t to talk about. Listen, Enjoy and show us some love! 



September 21, 2017

WHAT. THE. EFFERS.  I'm supposed to avoid cussing or so I'm told.  Listen we look bad.  No ifs.  No buts.  No excuses...nevermind - there are several excuses throughout the podcast.  It's a heavy burden...like a government secret, or knowing a secret about a friend or a carrying a cross.  YES! Being a Nebraska fan is similar to Jesus's struggle.  It is.  Don't argue, you don't know.


Sorry for the technical difficulties with the music.  SEE...just like Jesus.


Ducking F**ks

September 14, 2017

Welp, you can't win them all, and you certainly can't win when you give up 42 in the first half.  Bad things happened and then they wouldn't stop happening.  Some of us are already over it, some of us aren't, some of us feel good, some us want to break some shit...you might not like this podcast, but we had a good time recording it.